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The Carriage

The Wheels, Axle and Trail assembled in their correct positions.
Note the concave Wheel construction.

Oak Trail
The Cheeks have been fitted with the Trunion Plates, ready to be bolted through.
The Trail and Cheeks have been drilled through ready to be bolted together.
The painted iron discs, or Rondels, act to locate the cheeks in their correct positions relative to the trail and provide additional shear strengthening during firing.

Cheek hardware prior to fixing to cheek.

Metal Cheek
Cheeks fitted with Trunion Plates, axle straps and associated fixing hardware.

Trail Cheeks
With the Axle positioned across the bottom, the Trail and Cheeks are assembled on top. The Cheeks are shown with their Trunion Retaining plates in position. These will serve to clamp the Barrel Trunions thus securing the Barrel in place.

Elevation Scre2
The Elevating Screw is mounted in the trail, below the breech of the gun to elevate the barrel.

Pattern On Carriage
The Barrel pattern positioned on the Trail assembly shows the relative size and position of the final piece.

Towing Ring
The Towing Ring and associated aiming rings and handles bolted in place at the end of the trail

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