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Our Cannon's Construction...

The Axle

OCAxelPJ.jpg (39K)
Paul and John glueing the Axle into the Axle box.

OCAxel.jpg (27K)
This is the Axle box on which the wheel hubs will be mounted.

The Trunion Plates

Bracess.jpg (23K)
These steel Trunion Plates will be bolted around the Cheeks.
The Barrel trunions will mount onto the Carriage at this point.

Metal Work

As can be seen on the six pounder drawings, there is a quantity of trail metal work furniture to be produced. These pieces aide in the manoeuvring of the carriage or are required to hold the various cannon operating implements.

Clockwise from far left:
Wheel washers, Hook washer, Cleate (for rope), Trail Bolt with Chain Bracket,
Linstock socket, D-Rings (to provide securing points during firing).

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