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The Artillery Society was established in 1999, and initially there were only three members but as the project proceeded, the numbers have increased. Amongst our growing number of supporters and friends, we enjoy the sponsorship of Cannon Security Ltd. This funding has been invested in necessary tools and materials required to support the ongoing construction of the piece.

Below are the profiles of some of the more active members of the society.

Jeremy is a furniture designer and maker and it is in his workshop that the majority of the construction work takes place. Being our carpentry expert, Jeremy takes the lead in matters of a Carriage nature. Being the artisan, it is Jeremy who provides the group's artistic and philosophical direction.

Paul could be described as the organiser of the group. He likes to ensures that everything runs smoothly and to schedule, such as meetings, dinners, etc. and works with external contractors when needed. Amongst other things, Paul is a metalurgist, so takes the lead on the metal work side of the project. And it's his welding kit.

John is the quiet one, so tends to let Jerry & Paul do the arguing. Before embarking upon this project, he hadn't picked up a wood chisel since his school days. However, after only a short time at the lathe, he proved to possess hidden wood turning skills, producing the barrel pattern and wheel hubs by his own fair hand.

Sarah joined the project in 2000 and although she does not have the technical expertise of the other members, she helps out where she can. Sarah is a Software Engineer by day and has earned the title of 'Web Mistress' for creating this site. It's Sarah's presence that ensures a minimum standard of decorum is maintained within the group.