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The Tyres - Part 1

The tyre is sized by compressing it onto the wheel using the brackets, studding and nuts. This also produces the final compression for the joining of the remaining unglued felloes.

Closing the tyre
Now correctly sized to it's wheel, the tyre is closed and welded at the join.

Temporary handles are welded around the outside of the tyre for ease of handling during heating and fitting.

Wheel and Fire
The fire is lit and allowed to burn down to glowing coals. The wheel sits clamped to a temporary stand for stability and with 1.5 mm spacers clamped around the felloes to ensure correct seating of the tyres.

Tyre in the Fire
The tyre sits heating in the fire. We estimated we needed >300 degrees C to ensure sufficient expansion and clearance.

Fitting the Tyre
Our calculations proved correct and the tyre drops into place with the anticipated 4mm clearance.

Paul quenches the tyre to aid it's shrinking onto the wheel.

Tyre on the Wheel
Both wheels successfully shod.

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