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The Wedding

John and Sarah were married on Saturday 15th July 2006
at Stoodleigh Court, Devon.
The wedding of two of our members sparked a frenzy of activity in the Artillery Society. Once they'd decided that they would like the cannon to feature at their wedding, we really had to get our act together to get it finished on time.
We completed our first full assembly of the cannon in May 2006, but there were still many small cosmetic tasks to be completed. We also had to work out the logistics of moving the cannon to Devon and getting it set up in time for the big day.
We were planning to fire the cannon at the wedding but, unfortunately, due to the licensing required to acquire, keep and use blackpowder we ran out of time to get everything in place. However, all the guests still enjoyed looking over the cannon (most for the first time) and it looked most impressive commanding the field out over the Devon hills.
John, Sarah and the Cannon

The Cannon

The Cannon

Photographs by Robert Skidmore Photography