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6 Pounder Cannon
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The Six Pounder Cannon

The Ordnance Board of 1841 drew up the design for this gun, which is one of the most common of all the artillery pieces of the Civil War. This gun was made by both the North and the South and was made in both cast iron and bronze, though bronze was more common.

Bore - 3 1/2"
Length - 65 1/2"
Weight - 850 lbs
Trunnion Diameter - 3 5/8"
Range - 1,500 yards (1.25 lb charge, 5 degree elevation)
Number made - ~700
sideelevation2.jpg (35K) Side Elevation

CannonDrawing3.JPG (31K)
Front Elevation

Example of a US reconstruction of a 6 pounder of 1841